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Bagels Are Shipped

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday


Orders must be received no later than Wednesdays at 10AM EST.

We here at Tasty Bagels pride ourselves on delivering fresh tasty bagels quickly!

We ship our bagels baked and ready to eat.

In order to ensure freshness, the bagels have to travel a maximum of 2 days.

2 Dozen Bagels

In stock
Product Details

Choose any 24 Bagels! - Quantity must add to 24 total. Order fresh tasty bagels from Brooklyn! No other bagels like Brooklyn bagels! We baked them fresh, and ship directly to you!

Please double check, any miscalculations subject to Tasty Bagels decision.

Our bagel boxes come with easy to follow instructions to prepare, store, and ensure freshness of your Tasty Bagel Order.

How To Handle The Bagels Upon Arrival:

Bagels can be kept fresh by freezing them as soon as possible. Before you put them in the freezer:

1) Slice the bagels in half.

2) Place them in a sandwich size baggie or in the original Tasty Bag.

3) When you are ready to enjoy your bagel defrost them. Then, they can be warmed or toasted.*

*The bagel can be toasted straight from the freezer, no defrosting necessary.

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