History of
Tasty Bagels

October of 1983, Tasty Bagels opened on a bustling 86th Street in heart of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Back then it was primarily Bagels by the Dozen, Bagels with Cream Cheese or Butter, Coffee and a small deli with Boar’s Head Cold Cuts and homemade appetizers. Word of a new bagel store spread like wild fire and from that day on, it has been open 7 days a week. Closing one day per year for Christmas Morning. 

Fun Fact: Tasty Bagels is the Home of the Big Wheel Bagel. A giant bagel sandwich stuffed with different cold cuts and toppings; neatly cut into 28 hefty sandwiches. Kettle Boiled and Cooked the Old Fashioned way, the Big Wheel Bagel is just as soft and chewy as our 4oz Traditional Bagel! 

As years passed and the Breakfast World evolved, we became more than just a bagel and schmear type of place. We became a full service Breakfast take out spot.  Egg Sandwiches, Omelettes, French Toast, sides and much more. As most New Yorkers know...LemmeGetABaconEggandCheese! This is probably the most spoke of phrase, Every. Single. Day!

In addition to an evolving Breakfast Menu, the Lunch Menu has taken off in ways that we never imagined. A list of Hot and Cold Sandwiches, that takes time and a careful decision in picking your favorite!

At Tasty Bagels, we take pride in making everything from scratch. Something that’s been lost along the way in many different places. Using only the finest ingredients in everything we offer, our products separate us from everyone else. 

It’s not easy. It’s not glamorous. It’s hot behind a 400 degree oven all day long.
But it feels GREAT knowing for the past 4 Decades, we have provided our Community and beyond with the Best Bagels the industry has to offer. We will never waver in our high standards of baking and cooking, all while looking to our future on 86th Street.